Posdata Sidra

Posdata Sidra

Posdata Sidra

Mexico’s first 100% organic hard apple cider, Posdata Sidra is produced with apples from the Cuauhtemoc region of Chihuahua, nearby the famed Copper Canyon in the stunning foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range, on the outskirts of an ancient calcareous seabed.

Posdata Sidra is one of the first alcoholic beverage producers in the country to vest their farmers in their business to provide them with interest and security.

With a Brown Forman alum at the helm, Posdata Sidra is ready to assist with events, conferences, festivals, and experiences for its consumers. We have already held several events with Posdata featuring as a boilermaker with several of Will Scanlan offerings within Heavy Met’l, and the results are absolutely spectacular. The combination of the dry and funky cider with agave distillates is something neither Stephen or myself have experienced before, and we are over the moon about the quality and integrity of this product.

Bodegas de Santo Tomás - Cabernet Sauvignon
Bodegas de Santo Tomás - Misión Blanco
Bodegas de Santo Tomás - Misión Tinto
Bodegas de Santo Tomás - Tempranillo - Cabernet Sauvignon
JC Bravo - Carignan
JC Bravo - Palomino
Posdata Sidra - Clásico
Viñedo San Miguel - Blanc
Viñedo San Miguel - Malbec
Viñedo San Miguel - Malbec Reserva
Viñedo San Miguel - Rosé

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