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Posdata Sidra

Posdata Sidra

Posdata Sidra is Mexico’s first 100% organic hard apple cider. The cider is produced with apples from the Cuauhtemoc region of Chihuahua, near the famed Canyon del Cobre in the stunning foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range. This region sits on the edge of an ancient calcareous seabed, the limestone-rich soil of which contributes to apples with intense flavor and bright acidity. The company was founded in 2017 with the purpose of creating an organic Mexican cider that showcased the flavors of Mexican apples and produced an extremely dry and light cider of exceptional quality and taste. Whereas cider is traditionally consumed mainly as a seasonal holiday beverage in Mexico, the founders of Posdata Sidra wanted to highlight “all that’s good with the Mexican apple” and provide a beverage that could be savored at any time of year. Posdata Sidra is also one of the first alcoholic beverage producers in the country to vest their farmers in their business to provide them with interest and security.

“Lo bueno de la manzana mexicana.”

The apples, which are grown by independent farmers in the Cuauhtemoc region of Chihuahua, are harvested and selected in the orchards in the late summer and early fall. Once selected they are directly pressed and the juice is sent to the brewery facility in the state of Jalisco near the city of Guadalajara. Once at the brewery the month-long fermentation process is initiated in temperature-controlled stainless steel containers. This fermentation process converts all residual sugars into alcohol, creating a bone-dry cider that is akin to the style of Sidra Asturiana from northern Spain. No additives or coloring agents are added to the cider and the final product is unfiltered. This extremely minimal-intervention process of producing cider yields a product that is both unique in its flavor and style while also being extremely light and refreshing.

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