Adega Mayor

Reserva do Comendador Branco

Name of the Wine

Adega Mayor - Reserva do Comendador Branco




Elegant, Balanced, Herbal


This white wine, which is named in honor of Rui Nabeiro, the founder of the winery who was awarded the rank of Comendador in the Portuguese Ordem do Mérito by the president of the republic, represents the apex of the white wine production that is undertaken by Adega Mayor. Made from a blend of white grapes that are selected as the best of the vineyards from any given vintage, this wine is made with extreme care and a judicious application of oak aging in order to create a serious gastronomic wine that represents the highest quality and potential of Alentejo white grapes. Combining intense acidity with the body and structure afforded by oak aging, this wine is a beautiful example of an exceptional white wine from Portugal’s interior.

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