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Rosadito is a project that is based around the idea of new generations breathing new life into the traditions that they have inherited. Born in the state of Querétaro in the Bajío region, one of the oldest wine growing areas in Mexico, this zero-intervention canned rosé is the brainchild of Noah Tovares and Antionio Bassalone who are the founders of the first independent wine shops in Mexico City, called Vinos Chidos. Noah and Antonio, after seeing firsthand the dynamics of wine production and consumption in North America’s largest urban center, decided to establish a new project that was intended to highlight and preserve Mexico’s extensive viticultural history while at the same time appealing to a new generation of wine drinkers. Investing in an established organically-farmed vineyard in Querétaro, in 2021 Noah and Antonio released the first vintage of Rosadito, Mexico’s first canned rosé.

Rosadito is an ethically-produced, low alcohol, everyday drinking rose wine from a historic region that is approachable to all generations. With two-glasses per can, Rosadito is an ideal wine for the pool, the beach, picnics, and concerts. Blended from organically-farmed grapes from their vineyards in Querétaro, the wine is a vibrant pink color with tastes of bright acidity, ripe fruit, and an underlying light florality. As a project, this wine represents a passing of the torch for winemaking in the vineyards of Central Mexico, both helping to revive winegrowing in one of the most historic viticultural regions in the Americas while at the same time helping to open the door to the world of wine for a new generation.

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