D. Graça Tinto

Name of the Wine

Vinilourenço - Dona Graça Tinto


Douro DOC


Morello Cherry, Mulberry, Granite


This wine walks the line between reverence for tradition and a sense of modernity that beautifully captures the sensitivity and awareness that Jorge Lourenço exhibits as a winemaker. It is made as a classic Douro Valley blend, utilizing a combination of Portuguese grapes that are common throughout this ancient winegrowing region and which have come to represent the Douro Valley as a whole. Much of the pressing, maceration, and fermentation is done in the traditional granite basins or lagares that have been employed in the area since Roman times. However, Lourenço is also careful to exercise restraint in the production of these wines, limiting maceration and extraction so as to create a deep and intense Douro red blend that is laced with a liveliness and vibrancy that makes the wine inviting and drinkable.

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