Mogor Badan

J.J. Amarguito

Name of the Wine

J.J. Amarguito


Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California


Blood Orange, Kumquat, Honey


The first of its kind in Mexico, this fortified citrus wine is produced with fruit from the orchards of the legendary Rancho El Mogor in the heart of the Valley de Guadalupe and is as unique as the land from which it came. An orange wine in the sense that it is a wine made solely from a variety of different oranges which is then lightly fortified with grape brandy, this aperitif is lightly bitter and perfect to either stimulate the appetite before a meal, or as a nightcap to finish off the evening. This amarguito (which translates to ‘little bitter’) is a 100% native yeast ferment with zero additives, and is lovingly and painstakingly made one batch at a time.

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