São Filipe


Name of the Wine

Filipe Palhoça - São Filipe Tinto


Península de Setúbal


Vibrant, Fruity, Versatile


São Filipe Tinto is a red wine blend from the Setúbal Peninsula just south of the city of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Made without the influence of oak, as is typical in the region, the wine is a youthful expression of the characteristics of the three prolific grape varieties that make up its cépage: Castelão, a dark-skinned and tannic indigenous Portuguese varietal contributes a subtle tannic structure to the wine which is marked by notes of sweet spices and dark red fruits. The addition of two international varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, makes a wine that is structured enough to pair with heavier flavorful dishes but light enough to be enjoyed on its own on a warm summer day at the beach.

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