Vinho Verde

Name of the Wine

Vai Vinho Verde


Vinho Verde DOC


Meyer Lemon, Lily, Minerality


Vinho Verde (possibly the best known non-fortified wine from Portugal) is, by style, a low-alcohol, lightly effervescent, dry wine that is a joy to drink for any occasion and is celebrated for its versatility. Hailing from the Minho region in northern Portugal, these cold, green, rainy lands yield white wines of incredible acidity and minerality. This is a classic blend of three of the most beloved grapes of the region: the acidic Arito, the floral Loureiro, and the corpulent Trajadura that transports you to the green rolling hills and the thick and ancient forests of the Minho. “Vai” means “Go!” in Portuguese, and this wine is meant to go with you on all of your adventures, whether you are on a hike, spending a day at the beach, or simply enjoying the company of your friends. Where will you go with Vai?

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